Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our next meeting of the Midwest AAC User Support Group will be held Saturday, March 6, at 11:00 a.m. It will be in the same place as the first meeting, The Timbers in the common area just inside the main entrance. The address is 5111 E. 21st St. North, Wichita. From 21st Street, go south on Old Manor which is a street between Woodlawn and Oliver, but closer to Oliver. Take your second right through the gate into the Timbers and then it is the first or second drive on your left. You will see a covered driveway which is the main entrance. The common area is straight through that main entrance. Feel free to call me if you have questions!

Lindsay Salomon, director of School Therapy and Applied Technology at Heartspring will be talking about visual scene displays, and how they can be used by an AAC user. At the first meeting, we showed an example of one. Please bring a flash drive with a couple digital pictures loaded on to it. Make sure you know the name of the images so you can find them quickly. The goal is for you and your attendant to be able to create your own visual scene display by the time you leave!

Though it is not necessary in order to attend, please comment on this blog entry whether you think you will be able to come. This will help me plan. However, feel free to just show up!

Lisa Herren

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Note from Lisa

Well this is my first attempt at blogging, so here goes!

Thanks, Sandra, for setting up this blog site!

I am going to send out an e-mail to all the folks who attended the event in December. Hopefully, you have come here and we can begin to build this thing!

We are looking to do the next event in the next few weeks. I would like to know if either Saturday, February 27 or March 6, would work for you and your attendant?

Please feel free to post any comments, suggestions, or questions!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome to the Midwest AAC User Support Group Blog

This blog is being created and maintained with the hope that AAC users and people who care for, are friends with, want to learn about, and professionals who support AAC users can support one another.

A group of people met on December 12, 2009 in Wichita, Kansas to begin the Midwest AAC User Support Group. There were approximately 12 people in attendance. Many ideas about the need and purpose of the group were shared and discussed. All AAC users who attended were taught how, and almost more importantly why, to create back-ups of their systems. The directions on how to do this for the Vantage and ECO systems from Prentke Romich Company, as well as, the Dynavox V and VMax from Mayer-Johnson Dynavox will be included in this blog soon.

It is hoped that this block will be a tool and resource for any person interested in AAC to help connect those who may be dealing with the same struggles or have the same questions. Stories of success, frustration, accomplishments, and defeats will be shared as they are made available.

The development of this support group is a process and all parties can contribute in their won special way.